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"Joe Creedon is a fine painter, a water colourist who brings a sharp turn of observation to an instinctive feel for colour and atmosphere. He is an artist who can capture the essence and mood of the lakes, bogs and hills of his beloved Cork locale as much as their physical contours. With Joe’s paintings one always gets a strong sense of presence – perhaps of a historical resonance or a topographical feature – and his creations can both earth you in the soil of Cork or raise you to its skies. His aesthetic eye continues the tradition of appreciating the beauties of the Cork landscape so well established by Daniel Corkery himself, as this extract from Hidden Ireland shows: ‘I raise my eyes, I peer into the shimmering distance. Along the skyline of the far-off hills, I look for a clump of trees, gapped in the middle. A hundred motley fields of roots, of pasture and corn, lead up to it; and set haphazard among these fields, clutching them together, grouping them, are thriving farmsteads with trees and haybarns – a homely landscape, its slope, its thoughts, its heart, one would surely think, set always upon this neighbouring city of Cork, its natural centre … For me to gaze thus into that trembling distance, where the little wind-swept hamlet, trees and all, fades into the light of the sky is to sink softly and with perhaps some gathering wistfulness into the Gaelic world of the eighteenth century.’ Joe Creedon, through his visual creations, does full justice to Corkery’s world, asking us to look at things – the ‘bits and pieces of the world’ - anew, afresh."

James Harper 2012