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At the very start of the nineteenth century, Ballingeary's church was small and thatched with heather. It stood close to where the present church is. Mass was only said there once each two weeks, at other times it was necessary to make the 9 Km trek to Inchigeelagh. We have no record of when this was built, or what, if anything, proceeded it. However we do know that the small church of Teampallín Eachros, two miles north of the village existed in 1212, but was abandoned and ruined by 1602.

When a new priest arrived in the parish he soon decided that a new church must be constructed. In the year 1809 a site was contributed by the local landlord and materials obtained, we are told that flags and slates were brought from across the river at Ilauninagh. We have few details about the original building, but it seems that the nave ran north/south and was said to be 100 feet long. The entrance was to the north and the altar to the south. There were four windows. A small vestry was built at the southwest corner.
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It seems that in the following 40 years the congregation started to exceed the space, so modifications to the structure were undertaken. The resulting structure took ón a rather more conventional shape, the old nave becoming a transept and a new nave and apse built ón an east/west líne. The altar moved to the apse and the entrance to a porch ón the northern side of the nave. A small gallery and stairs were erected at this time.

In 1888 further improvements were undertaken; The gallery was demolished, stained glass windows installed and work done to the seating, ceiling and roof.

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