The Chapel is in the townland of Currahy about 2 miles east of Ballingeary. It is probably  the ruin of a small Penal Times mass shed or mass house. It can only be seen when standing on the high ground to the North of the site, and is totally hidden from all other approaches.

The church is built on a North South axis and measures 9.6m x 4.8m. The thickness of the walls are 0.7m, the walls are 0.7m high on the inside of the church. The one remaining gable is on the north end  of the building and it measures a mere 1.30m high. The inside of the church contains quantities of rubble and weeds. There are also two large flags leaning against the northern end of the outside West wall. The smaller of the two flags measure 0.9m x 0.9m and the bigger flag measures 1.1m x 1.1m, approx.  It is believed that the Altar was on the Northern end of the church, (hence the flags stones) and the opening was on the Southern wall of the church or perhaps the east.
On the outside Northern face of the gable end there is a large slab 0.7m high by 0.74m wide built into the wall with the date 1753 ac (anno christe) inscribed upon it in the bottom right hand corner .The four corners of the church still stand and are in reasonable condition.

Just to the north of the church there is a large boulder, known locally as 'The Lookout', sitting on a rock outcrop. The slab in the church wall appears to come from the Southern face of this stone. It is believed that this boulder was served as a mass rock, possibly before the mass house was constructed. From its top you can see for miles around. The approach of the yeomanry could be spotted in plenty of time for the priest to escape. 

Seipeil na Gloire, Currahy. Mass Rock. 'The Lookout'

Picture courtesy Dr. Hilary Bishop.



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