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Inchigeelagh Church was built in 1842 by Rev. Jeremiah Holland, parish priest at the time, and it was a building that was admired by everybody for it's cut stone and arches. At the consecration the Church was described as 'a perfect gem of architectural beauty which never fails to attract the admiring gaze of the passing tourist, adding as it does a most enchanting effect to the charms of the scenery.'
Rev. Jeremiah Holland's assignment to Uibh Laoire was to have been a short duration on the promise of Bishop Murphy "not to leave him long in purgatory". He was destined to spend the remainder of his life there and to tackle parish problems single handed until 1857 when Rev. Jeremiah Carey became his curate . Fortunately for himself Rev. Jeremiah Holland cared not for faction or feud nor  for Whiteboys or Tories who were numerous in the area. His courage was known to have been equal to all contingencies as he rode on horseback by torch light over the mountains to attend sick calls, led funerals over the high rough terrain and to bring the blessing of Mass and the Sacraments to his people in these distant outposts.
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Until he began his own Church building programme in earnest Fr. Holland is believed to have said Sunday Mass in what was known as "Inchigeelagh Cottage", a cottage in the village owned at the time by a tailor named Barry (probably situated where Tom Creedon's yard now fronts the street). His Church of 1822 was built at the south of the village of Inchigeelagh. It was a small building to which an extension of about 3.5 M was later made, giving it an area of 16 M x 8 M. This church building still survives as the parochial hall.

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